NodeConf Remote 2021

Mélodie: A journey with Svelte and Fastify

NodeConf Remote

NodeConf exists since more than a decade now, with issues first hosted in the US, then in Ireland, and many more countries recently. With the pandemic, it “went online” in 2020, and so did it this year: NodeConf Remote.

I was lucky to attend NodeConf in 2015, in the beautiful Waterford’s Castle, and in 2017 in Lyrath’s hotel. For sure, online conferences don’t offer the same experience, so I decided to leave my comfort zone and submit a talk.

Entering the close circle of a worldwide conference speakers is certainly a challenge. Everybody can submit a talk, so the best speakers might line up 😱.

What could make an interesting talk?

What a tricky, very personal question. Looking back at my records, the most valuable topic I found was Mélodie:

But first and foremost, it’s a perfect case for demonstrating the saying

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

~ Arthur Ashe

It is clear that nobody needs yet another music player. The whole point of such project is not to build an Open source community either: beside the lack of purpose, I don’t have time and desire to grow it.

The learning journey is extremely valuable. For me as an individual, but also for others if I dare sharing it.

Mélodie: A journey with Svelte and Fastify

Watch the conference here:

NodeConf Remote 2021 - recording