Remote Work !

A 15 minutes talk about my remote work experience

A Lighning talk

As you may know, I’m working remotely from France with nearForm since March 2016.

This is a great experience, which I had an opportunity to describe during a monthly session of Lyon’s Human Talks.

We had five talks of 15 minutes each (speech: 10, questions: 5), about electic topics like “Module bundlers in JS”, “Genetic algorithms” or even “Fear of the blank page”. Mine was to relate my current situation.

Changing my (professional) life

After almost ten years as developer, lead developer and software architect at Worldline, I needed to shake my own dust. Following the example of Maxence, a friends of mine, I looked for a remote job.

My main goals were to challenge myself against top developers and have more flexible working hours so I could train better and be more with my familly. Working for nearForm brought me all that, but also much much more.

Being a remote worker is a brand new experience for me, and even if I tried to prepare myself, it’s a big change.

Of course, everyone can forsee that working from home will make you more lonely, and will require self discipline. But I didn’t realised the impact it had on my own familly, and even my own morale.

Remote work talk

This talk was the opportunity to share this ongoing experience:

I was delighted to face a small yet interested audience, who had some questions and constructive reactions. I hope I can do a longer version of it in the future, and maybe gather more thought and tricks from my remote colleagues !

Here are the slides:

Talk slides (in French)